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Travertine Floor

After the Travertine Tile Cleaning, our services includes polishing and sealing of the floor.

Marble Floor

After the Marble Tile Cleaning, our services includes polishing and sealing of the floor.

Mexican Pavers

After the Mexican Paver Cleaning, our services includes low natural gloss or high gloss polishing and sealing of the floor.

Wall Tile

After the Wall Tile Cleaning, our services includes polishing and sealing.

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Concrete, Stone, Wood, Carpet Floors and Granite Countertops.    

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Restoration of Tile, Stone, Concrete, Carpet Floors for Coachella, Palm Springs, Palm Springs, Rancho Mirage, Palm Desert, Indian Wells, La Quinta, Indio and for the rest of the Coachella Valley.

Brilliant Floors is a professional stone cleaning and restoration company that specializes in services ranging from performing routine maintenance on stone floors and granite counter tops to solving complex tile, grout and stone problems. Our Partners combined have been in the floor restoration business for over forty years and with our knowledge we can help you to preserve and maintain your investment of lasting beauty in natural stone.

Concrete Floor Repair Resurfacing:

This is an application most concrete contractors would like to believe is possible, yet still have a high level of pessimism towards the success and long term durability of the application. The basis behind the application is to repair/restore/resurface pitted, flaked, cracked, deteriorated or poorly finished concrete that would otherwise need torn out and replaced.

Normal applications are applied 1/32" to 1/8" thick with thicker applications being optional if needed. Finished applications look as if new concrete was poured, yet offer increased levels of performance including: resistance to chemicals, salt, petrochemicals, UV, water resistance and more. Because of the inexpensive cost of this application, it is becoming the standard for surface repair.

All of our finishes are low maintenance and permanently sealed to protect against oil, grease and dirt. These systems are economical since they provide long term durable renovation without the need for costly and continuous repairs normally associated with deteriorated surfaces. They can be installed at any time during new or old renovation processes, which allows all other renovation or construction aspects to be completed without fear of damaging or wearing the new surface.

 We have the most affordable rates to offer our clients when it comes to using state-of-the-art equipment and products.  Our quality in workmanship stands out in those areas where other companies fall short.  This enables us to offer some of the most reasonable prices in the industry. Contact us for any questions you have regarding our decorative concrete surfaces or if you are ready to get started on your project.

How to Repair Patio or Driveway Cement

Just picture it: you are carrying a tray with food and drinks to your patio area. All of the sudden the toe of your shoe catches something on the floor and your food and drink becomes history, part of the very cement floor you just tripped on. The cause? An unsightly crack in the cement. In order to know how to repair patio cement, you must really understand the reasons why cement sometimes form those unsightly cracks.

Surface Preparation
Power Washing or Acid Washing required Concrete Overlay repair

Crack Repair
All Cracks scraped and treatedConcrete Overlay repair

Crack Repair, Fill with crack repair material
Concrete Overlay Repair

Crack Repair, Patch over with polymer concrete overlay

Crack Repair
Grind polymer concrete, if required, to smooth with surrounding concrete surface

Repair Holes, Fill with epoxy mortar

With the concrete surface properly repaired, apply adhesive prime coat

Make Polymer Concrete Overlay Driveway texture coat mix.  Type of mix material is optional for time curing requirements

Texture Coat
Roll or Spray polymer concrete with hopper gun

Trowel over overlay texture coat to finish

After Polymer Concrete Overlay texture coat, and trowel finish-Optional Design

Color coat Application-Optional if color is required
Colorcoat100 - Concrete Gray

Seal coat Application
Apply with Roller or Pump, Seal coat Clear for sealing surface 

Curing Time
Following the Seal coat, let cure 48 - 72 hours before vehicular traffic

When you pour cement to form a driveway or a patio in this case, you must make sure that the ground is hard and compacted. If a heavy object moves over an area on the cement that has soft soil underneath, the cement with give and bend, causing a crack. Another reason for cracking is thin layers of cement. When pouring the foundation of your patio, always go for thicker layers of cement for stability.

Luckily for you, there are several options for repairing driveway or patio cement. One method uses injectable epoxies that can be purchased from concrete suppliers. Sometimes, the home improvement retail chain stores might also carry these strong epoxies. These epoxies are found in tubes – both large and small. The small tubes are for basic repair projects and the large tubes are designed to fit into an injectable caulk-type gun.

Another cement repair option includes following the above advice for epoxies then taking the procedure one step further. After the epoxy dries and is completely set, you may want to pour a thin concrete layer over your patio’s cement slab. This thin layer will even up the cracks in the patio’s slab and provide level surface.

If you decide to try the cement overlay, please note that you will have to clean your patio floor first. Phosphoric acid is one of the most popular methods. This acid will not only clean the cement of its dirt but also lightly etch the surface. Etching the surface of the patio cement will help the new concrete overlay adhere properly. In order for your cement overly to cure, you need to make sure that the work is done in the cool part of the day.

Just be sure that you don’t skip any steps in the prep work. Otherwise, you may end up doing the cement repair job again and again.

Please contact us for a free inspection and professional quotation.
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Restoration of Tile, Stone, Concrete, Carpet Floors for Coachella, Palm Springs, Palm Springs, Rancho Mirage, Palm Desert, Indian Wells, La Quinta, Indio and for the rest of the Coachella Valley.