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Travertine Floor

After the Travertine Tile Cleaning, our services includes polishing and sealing of the floor.

Marble Floor

After the Marble Tile Cleaning, our services includes polishing and sealing of the floor.

Mexican Pavers

After the Mexican Paver Cleaning, our services includes low natural gloss or high gloss polishing and sealing of the floor.

Wall Tile

After the Wall Tile Cleaning, our services includes polishing and sealing.

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Concrete, Stone, Wood, Carpet Floors and Granite Countertops.    

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Restoration of Tile, Stone, Concrete, Carpet Floors for Coachella, Palm Springs, Palm Springs, Rancho Mirage, Palm Desert, Indian Wells, La Quinta, Indio and for the rest of the Coachella Valley.

Brilliant Floors is a professional stone cleaning and restoration company that specializes in services ranging from performing routine maintenance on stone floors and granite counter tops to solving complex tile, grout and stone problems. Our Partners combined have been in the floor restoration business for over forty years and with our knowledge we can help you to preserve and maintain your investment of lasting beauty in natural stone.


The future of decorative concrete, is now!

Concrete floor Cleaning

Decorative overlays are the perfect aesthetic and durable choice for commercial, residential, exterior and interior applications. Limitless patterns, textures and colors.  All overlays resist freeze/thaw, salt, alkali, fading and staining. Our product is stronger than concrete and will provide long lasting service even in severe weather conditions.  For information, please contact us. 

Exterior, Interior Overlays

Commercial, Residential

Stamped Concrete

Stained Concrete

Antique Staining

Pattern Staining

Surface Restoration

Patch Level

Egg Shell Texture

Skip & Knockdown Texture

Splatter Texture

Thin Stamped Concrete

Micro Finishes


Stone Sealing

Concrete Sealing

Industrial Protective Coatings

Epoxy Clear & Color Systems

Applied to, however not limited to:






Mixed Use

Garage Floors

Theme Parks



Living Rooms


Dining Rooms


Pool Decks

Airplane Hangar


Mini Storage




Parking Lot


Cost Effective - Decorative systems compared to traditional flooring will in almost all cases be less expensive, yet with a completely custom look every time.

Serving Commercial, Residential - All systems are engineered for heavy traffic and severe weather conditions on every project.

Exterior, Interior Applications - Systems are applied over new or old concrete.

Ethics - FLOORS RESTORED COMPANY, takes pride in each and every project. Superior customer service and advanced proprietary product technology have, for over 18 years, defined our fundamental foundation business strategy.

What is a concrete overlay, and how does it work?

A concrete overlay is a hybrid polymer resin based cement, which is water compatible and non-toxic. These systems have been successfully developed, time-tested and used for many permanent applications by contractors, engineers, architects and public works agencies for internal and external applications, above and below grade. These systems resist chemical attack and weather degradation considerably better than conventional cement or other modified cements; and due to its chemical structure, repairs or imperfections in concrete are easily corrected. It adheres tenaciously to most surfaces and is considerably more flexible, thereby resulting in less or no cracking, with a warranted resistance from de-lamination due to hydrostatic pressure. These permanent overlays offer longer life, durability, reliability, flexibility, water and chemical resistance, and optional safety (non-slip) textures that are not only cost effective and time saving, but can also be aesthetically appealing.

What are the advantages of a hybrid polymer overlay?

- Increased strength compared to normal concrete and other concrete coating products.
- Highly resistant to salt, chemicals, UV, freeze/thaw, de-lamination, hydrostatic pressure, oil, stains, mildew/fungus, and more depending on seal coat.
- Cost effective. Since it provides a permanent, nearly maintenance free surface that can resemble brick, stone, slate, etc. at a fraction of the cost.
- Ability to apply from the thinness of a grain of sand up to several inches thick with extreme durability
- Wide variety of applications. (broom finish, splatter texture, trowel finish, stamped overlay, chemical stain), with almost unlimited and completely customizable design options.


What is a thin stamped overlay?

Well, in short, a thin stamped overlay is a engineered modified polymer coating that is installed over existing concrete. The coating is installed at only 1/4"to 3/8” thick to eliminate the cost, hassle, and downtime of tearing out and replacing the existing concrete like conventional full depth stamped concrete finishes. After the coating is applied, a decorative "stamp" is impressioned into the material to give the natural look and feel of stone, slate, brick and tile, just like conventional full depth stamped concrete applications.


How long does the installation process take?

Most jobs take an average of 3-7 days depending on the system or finish that is chosen. Larger jobs may take longer. Most surfaces can be walked on within 24 hours. Heavy usage such as car traffic can resume after 7 days.


What type of warranty do you offer and what does it cover?

We have a 2 year limited warranty on our overlay; it covers our product adhering to the concrete, i.e. peeling, excessive fading, or delaminating from the surface.


What if my concrete is cracked or pitted?
We fix cracks as necessary by grinding them out and re-bonding them with an epoxy crack filler. The crack is then covered by the overlay. However, there is no guarantee that cracks will not return, and we do not warranty cracks. It is usually best to try to integrate cracks into the design of the overlay to minimize their visibility should they return.

How does your products stand up against oils, stains, salts, and discoloration?

All overlays are sealed upon completion. These sealers all protect the overlay, giving it a nonporous finish. The majority of stains due to oil and grease wash off with a mild detergent or plain water. Salt, de-icers, fertilizers and such have no effect on it whatsoever.


What maintenance do your products require?

We recommend that every 3-5 years the surface be resealed, depending on usage and traffic load. For example, a driveway with heavy car traffic may need re-sealed every 3 years, where as a patio with only foot traffic may only need re-sealed every 5 years.

Please contact us for a free inspection and professional quotation.
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Restoration of Tile, Stone, Concrete, Carpet Floors for Coachella, Palm Springs, Palm Springs, Rancho Mirage, Palm Desert, Indian Wells, La Quinta, Indio and for the rest of the Coachella Valley.